Services Provided


  • Demolition
  • Interior / exterior selective demolition
  • Wrecking / Total Demolition


  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Soil Remediation
  • Asset Recovery / Dismantling  /Recycling
  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Stainless Process Piping

Commercial and Residential Properties

Interior/Selective Demolition City Demolition has performed millions of square feet of interior demolition for owners, general contractors, and building managers across Georgia.  Our goal on every interior strip out is to be safe, swift, clean, and largely unnoticed minimizing the impact to surrounding tenants.  The crews we employ have encountered almost every situation imaginable and have proven means and methods for the safe, efficient removal of materials. Whether you need a single desk or ten floors cleaned out, we have the skills, equipment, and people to exceed your expectations.


Wrecking/Total Demolition City Demolition understands the priorities of stakeholders in the complete removal of the improvements on their properties.  We know that time is money and that safety is always a top priority.  We have developed a reputation for the rapid removal of structures, and we have our in house safety and risk management supervisor providing constant guidance on means and methods. We maintain our excavators, skid-steers, trucks, and trailers to provide you with turnkey project solutions.  We constantly push to beat company records for a variety of metrics including fastest demolition of a single story home and most loads of concrete hauled in a day. The culture of competitive benchmarking that we have engendered guarantees that your project will get pushed to the limit.


Environmental Remediation The regulations and paperwork burden of many environmental projects can be daunting.  Many of the environmental hazards present on a property are ultimately the problem of the owner of the property regardless of what any contractor says or does with the materials.  It’s imperative that owners manage their risk and engage an experience contractor who can support proper environmental remediation.